Rams Reflect: Men's Soccer's Alfredo Serrano Figueroa

Rams Reflect: Men's Soccer's Alfredo Serrano Figueroa

The 2022 Rams Reflect is the seventh in a series of annual collections. Senior captains and representatives of Suffolk teams have been invited to contribute viewpoints based on personal experience from both their senior seasons and full varsity careers at Suffolk. 

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Alfredo Serrano Figueroa, Men's Soccer | Hometown: Madrid, Spain | Major: Big Data & Business Analytics

My overall experience as a student-athlete here at Suffolk University has been amazing! I couldn’t be more thankful for the two years I’ve had here and the experiences that the men’s soccer program has brought to me. Though I was able to compete in only one full season due to COVID, I’m thankful for all the incredible people I’ve met as well as for being part of this amazing group of student-athletes, who are destined to make history in the program.

I started my career at Suffolk in 2020, after transferring from Lindenwood University (Missouri). When COVID happened, I knew that it was the time to make a change, once I started communications with the coaching staff and did my research on the school, I fell in love with it.  I chose Suffolk for its academics; the reputation of the Big Data program and the Business School was a huge factor for my final decision, and I couldn’t be more thankful for the location of the school, which keeps bringing me both academic and professional opportunities for my future. 

When I first got to Boston everything was new to me, I’m from Madrid (Spain) and had spent the last two years of my life on a city-campus in the middle of Missouri … Coming to the big city that Boston is was very shocking to me. The thing that I loved about the soccer program is that once I got here, they welcomed me and made me feel part of the family. I’ve played for many teams back home as well as another college in the states, but I had never felt that sense of brotherhood and love that all my teammates transmitted to me since day one. I’ve been able to meet my best friends thanks to the program and forged friendships that mean more than what words can express, specially when you’re far away from home. The teammates I met on that “COVID-Season” became brothers to me and had all positively influenced my soccer and academic life since day one. 

Now this season has been an exciting one! Though it had its ups and downs, the team has been able to set a base for the future generations of players to come. As a collective, we made history and clinched the first playoffs since 2017 on a much competitive conference. If we achieved this milestone is thanks to the perseverance, hard work and leadership of all the upperclassmen, both on and off the field. At the same time, I couldn’t be happier with the group of 17 freshmen who have made a huge impact to the program and have brought talent, passion & commitment to it. I know that this program is destined for greatness & is only a matter of time and perseverance to show where we deserve to be. I’ll be cheering you all wherever I go, I’m excited to see where the program is in the next four years thanks to you guys. 

The best moment of the season was my Senior Day. That day I realized what it truly means being a Ram … Every student-athlete I’ve met on this program has faced adversity through injuries, time-management issues, personal problems and more. Yet, I’ve never seen a Ram back down, we fight, and we persevere through discipline and hard work. That is what it means to be a Ram, someone who is willing to overcome every obstacle or setback and never give up. 

To end this reflection, I would like to thank all my teammates whom I’ve shared the pitch during these two years. One way or another you’ve made a positive impact in my life and I’m thankful for that. I would like to thank the great group of leaders that we’ve had this year, you’ve made a huge impact on the future of the program, and I couldn’t be more thankful to have served along you. I genuinely wish you all the best in your personal lives and future careers.

Thank you to the coaching staff, who gave me the opportunity to come to Suffolk and have made a positive impact in my life, both as a soccer player and as a person. I would like to thank William Maddock, Juan Del Valle and Juan Gonzalez. Thanks for making me enjoy every second of training and for making me proud to wear the Ram on my chest. You’ve changed my life and opened new opportunities for me while helping me realize how much I love this sport and this team. I know your leadership and passion for this group of players will develop into a successful program, thank you for letting me be part of it. 

I wanted to make an especial thanks to Rick Cox. Rick is the soul of this program, he’s up every day at 5:00 a.m., coordinating multiple teams, while helping us being the best versions of ourselves, and I don’t mean it only from a physical perspective (although he spends countless hours taping and helping athletes through recovery), I mean it from a leadership perspective. He’s a leader on and off his Athletic Trainer position and has helped numerous young athletes on their leadership journey. On my case, he’s helped me on becoming a better man and a better leader, I’ll be forever thankful that I got to meet you; you taught me that leadership was a never-ending journey, and I couldn’t be happier to have you as my mentor. You were right from the beginning: leadership does equal freedom. 

Finally, I wanted to thank everyone who serves the athletic department! I’ve been able to meet a lot of coaches and personnel and its inspiring to see how determined they are in assuring that every athlete who comes to Suffolk has the best experience possible. Thanks for your hard work and dedication towards us! 

I wish you all the best. 

Vamos Rams! 

Alfredo Serrano Figuerao