Larry E. Smith and Michael S. Smith Court

Larry E. Smith and Michael S. Smith Court

The Home of Suffolk Men's and Women's Basketball and Volleyball

Facility Information:

  • Indoor basketball/volleyball court
  • Mezzanine area overlooking the court

Larry E. Smith and Michael S. Smith Court is Suffolk's lone on-campus athletic facility. The gym, which sits in teh basement of the Ridgeway Building is home to the Suffolk University men's and women's basketball teams as well as the volleyball team. 

Located thirty feet below ground, Smith Court is a unique environment for a college basketball game. The court's up close and tight setting allows for fans and spectators to be right on top of the action. Spectators can view the action in the bleachers situated at court level or up above on teh lower mezzanine level, which overlooks the court from the balcony. 

The court was originally built in 1991 and got a new look during the summer of 2014 with a refreshed paint job on teh floor that also features the NCAA and GNAC logos as well as a solid navy blue cot of paint outlining the playing surface. 

The gym also hosts Law School and undergraduate intramural basketball programs and other events outside of Athletics hosted by Suffolk University. 

More Information:
Ridgeway Building
148 Cambridge St.
Boston, MA 02114 

  • Larry E. Smith and Michael S. Smith Court is located in the basement (Press "B" in the elevator) of the Ridgeway Building. 
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