Ram Nation Bench Presses for a Cure

Ram Nation Bench Presses for a Cure


BOSTON – In both a challenge of strength and fundraising vigor, Ram Nation invited the entire Suffolk Athletic community to come together to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer research last week.   

On Tuesday, Oct. 29 nearly 70 Suffolk Athletes from 19 varsity teams took the varsity weight room by storm for the first annual Bench Press for Breast Cancer event. 
Thanks to the participants, sponsors and generous donations from the Suffolk community including fans, family, friends, faculty and staff, Suffolk Athletics managed to raise $2,485 to benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. 

The Tuesday event drew the student-athletes in over activity period in a friendly competition. The challenge, bench press as many reps over a 60-second span in the weight class category of their choosing.  

Women’s basketball’s Jenni-Rose DiCecco recorded a near rep per minute to dominate the bar category with 57 reps. Softball’s Leah Barnes captured the heavy weight, 95-pound women’s category, with an impressive 14 reps to displace the runner ups of her teammate Ashley Zulla and Madison Scheinberg, who competes for the Rams’ golf and hockey teams, respectively, who locked in eight reps each.  

On the men’s side, men’s hockey prevailed in each weight class. Phil Kreuser shared top honors in the 135-category with Suffolk’s Athletic Trainer Nick Adams as the senior and staff member tallied 37 reps each. Joe Feeney, meanwhile, edged out his competition by bench 30 reps at 185, five more than second-place finisher baseball’s Steven Shamnoski.  

For a complete list of results and donors, click here


Bench Press for Breast Cancer