Softball’s Zulla Saluted as part of ESPN’s ‘Senior Night’

Softball’s Zulla Saluted as part of ESPN’s ‘Senior Night’

It was Friday, March 13 when the world of sports was changed. Cancelations due to the COVID-19 pandemic hit the nation. The NCAA canceled March Madness that evitability led to the entire winter and spring seasons halting for the remainder of the 2019-20 academic year.  

Scott Van Pelt, ESPN anchor, acknowledge that "so many college and high school athletes saw their seasons, maybe playing careers, just … end. No send off, no nothing," in a Twitter thread March 13.  

Many athletes may have played their last games without even realizing it. They won't have a chance to save their final moments on the court, on the mat, or on the field.  

To celebrate the athlete's stories, he asked the community to share stories, photos and videos to celebrate them in a Senior Night segment. 

Suffolk's baseball senior captain Tim Brigham was the first Ram to be featured in the 'Best of Senior Night," while softball's own senior leader Ashley Zulla made the Sports Center broadcast on Day 5 of #SeniorNight.  

"It's the quote that got me about Ashley Zulla, a senior captain from Suffolk University in Boston. I think that anybody that played sports can relate to this though, 'It's a part of my life I'm not ready to let go of.' Obviously, as a senior on a softball team that's the end of the line whenever it comes. Thinking of you Ashley."  

To see the full clip of Zulla on SVP's segment, click the video below.