Mission Statement

The mission of the Suffolk University Athletics Department is to create an environment based around academic, athletic and personal excellence through sports and other physical activity. The purpose of the department is to provide an educational experience through a holistic approach where intercollegiate athletic competition and other recreational activities are part of a comprehensive co-curricular involvement that inspires and promotes success and attainable skills through personal and intellectual growth. Through our programs, Suffolk University student-athletes and other members of the community are guided by the principles of sportsmanship, leadership, teamwork, discipline, time management and further skills that will benefit them past their educational pursuits and beyond. The Athletics Department and its professional staff exist to serve the entire university community by providing an environment for an individual to enhance their quality of life through the value of sport and/or recreational participation. Our campus’ unique location in downtown Boston allows students the chance to compete and learn while achieving their athletic, academic and personal goals in one our nation’s finest cities. Our professional staff members are committed to the academic, athletic and personal development for all of our student-athletes to best prepare them for life by enabling them to find and achieve his or her unique potential. Departmental policies reflect the educational mission; vision and core values of Suffolk University and department members are committed to the overall development of all students.

Athletic Department Objectives

  1. Promote and support student-athlete’s commitment to academic success.
  2. Teach student-athletes beneficial life skills and attributes such as teamwork, collaboration, self-discipline, communication, negotiation, personal health and wellness through practice, competition, and professional development activities.
  3. Demonstrate and expect the highest level of sportsmanship from athletes, coaches, parents, students, and spectators.
  4. Work cooperatively with the Office of Admissions and academic departments to recruit well-qualified student-athletes.
  5. Promote and maintain Athletics staff unity and morale in a cooperative relationship with the entire University community.
  6. Serve as positive role models while representing Suffolk University.
  7. Advance the University by coordinating fundraising activities with the Advancement Office and engage alumni relations through the Suffolk University Alumni Association.
  8. Demonstrate fiscal responsibility by adhering to the annual budget and the University’s fiscal policies and procedures.
  9. Strive for all teams to achieve winning records.